Black Screen 3ds Fix!

I was messing around with the official eshop themes in anemone.
When trying to seperate the bgm from the visuals, it managed to cause my 3ds to boot to a black screen. No audio, no feedback, nothing. Last time, I saw someone in a thread mention that deleting "0000008f" in extdata is a fix, however, it caused my game tiles to move around + I had to unwrap 20~ icons. Because it didn't move my badges, I knew that there had to be a better way. I recreated the glitch on accident, and tested a new method.

Instead of deleting all of 8f, I instead deleted the file "00000003" which is located inside of 8f. It handles theme management. My 3ds booted, and the tiles and badges were both okay! The only thing is, after you have to go to the default theme application and have it generate a new "00000003" file for you.

To recreate-
Put an official eshop theme inside of anemone.
Apply a "bgm-only" or a "no-bgm" install. Either works.
Close anenome the normal way.
Tada. Your 3ds is basically bricked.

To fix-
Open the bootloader menu and click gm9.
Go to SD data > Nintendo 3ds > Id0 > Id1 > Extdata > 0000008f
Delete "00000003"
Exit bootloader and reboot device to homescreen.
Your 3ds now should have the white (default) theme if you did it properly.
Go to the default theme manager.
Try to apply a theme and have it create the theme management file for you.

Your 3ds is now fully functional and you can apply anemone themes again.

For reference, incase this changes anything, I'm on an o3ds on the latest update for both luma and nintendo (11.15.0-47U and v10.2.1 respectively)

Thought I'd post so someone who makes a similar mistake can try this fix instead of the more extreme option.
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