Black points at Flashed Ds lite Starting

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    Dec 19, 2006
    Hello everybody ! [​IMG]
    I am French so please excuse me if I do not explain me very well [​IMG]
    I flashed my Ds lite four months ago, with the V7 stealth flashme, and when I start my Ds, during a very very short instant (less than one second), the screens of my Ds are grey, whereas in reality, they should be white, and, on the bottom screen, there are few black points (between 10 and 20) which appears.Of course, after this very short instant, greys screens turn to white, and black points disappears, leting stealth screen take their place...
    I wonder if you knew this "problem", if someone has ever had that, and if it could damage my Ds ?
    thanks a lot [​IMG]
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    Oct 15, 2006
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    Flashme on a DS lite supposedly fades in the backlights rather than just turning them on normally. That could explain the grayness.

    The black pixels could just be a normal part of powering up the screens. The normal firmware takes a few seconds to turn the backlights on after powering up. If flashme turns the lights on more quickly the screens may not be ready, allowing you to see artifacts that would normally not be visible.