Black Ops Multiplayer solution for IOS 223/224

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    So I have actually found a way to get multiplayer on CoD: Black Ops after searching online for a bit.
    Since I bet there are other people whose IOS249 won't read WBFS games.

    You will need:
    Waninkoko's ciosX rev20 or 20b(Easily found through google)
    Hermes IOS 222 installer
    CFG USB Loader or WiiFlow (IOS249 version for either)

    1. First, install Waninkoko's ciosX with IOS57 as the base IOS.(it's best to load it under an IOS you know has nand permissions, you can check with syscheck which can be found on Homebrew Browser.)
    2. Then, with Hermes installer, install either 223 or 224 with IOS57 as a base.
    3. Install either CFG loader or Wiiflow to your sd/usb. Make sure that CFG loader isn't the 222 version or that WiiFlow is the 249 version.
    4. Start CFG Loader/WiiFlow.
    5. Set the settings for Black Ops to use the installed IOS223/224.
    6. Play the game.

    I hoped this helped some people, as it helped me.
    Note: Even if your IOS249 can't play USB games this should work, unless it's a stub.