Black body housing?

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Mar 17, 2008

Black body housing? by beauchampy at 5:41 PM (818 Views / 0 Likes) 2 replies

  1. beauchampy

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    Are those black body housing kits you can pick up on eBay any good?

    I've got a white DS but just for the sake of it, I wouldnt mind converting it to a black one.. Then my EZ Flash V kit wouldn't look so out of place either.

    Im pretty confident taking the DS apart, but if my N95 black kit is anything to go by, the quality won't be up to the OEM housing.

    Anyone had any experience buying a different coloured DS body housing from eBay?

  2. FAST6191

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    There are 4 types:

    DS Shock: I say stay well away unless you have a truly busted case and are in need of a replacement. These are likely the most common ones you will find (I think either the Spade or thieves like us reviewed it for the 'temp but I could be wrong, the end result though was unless you have a busted case....)

    Official (normally taken from a dead DS): good luck finding one and then good luck with getting a good price.

    There was another non shock! third party offering. I can not remember the name but they did not make much of a dent (and considering they would have effectively had a monopoly).

    True custom case/one off design. Very rarely just the case and normally fetch a fair price.

    I suggest you try a vinyl/decal or consider painting it yourself.
  3. xcalibur

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    I think you mean the cases over at DealExtreme.
    Although you haven't been quite clear on what DS you have. A phat DS and a lite one are very different.
    The phat one is considerably easier to change.

    Dealextreme do a lot of cheap housings for the phat DS too.

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