Black and White screen when i try to play No More Heores

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by ultrasonicwo, Oct 13, 2009.

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    I have this problem with my Backup Loader Gamma v0.3. I have No More Heoes [NTSC][PAL]. So everything goes fine. Then i downloaded it on a DVD-R Disc. I run my Backup Channel... So this is the problem. When i play i have to force it to Pal60/50 With or no the VID Patch thing. When i try to force it to NTSC or run it without anything forced it goes green! The screen goes green. Then when i do it with PAL60/50 it goes on Black and White... I dont know what else to do! I can normaly play the game but... hey a little bit of color isnt bad sometimes.... And im wondering what do i have to do because... I have Naruto Clash of NInja Revolution 2 and i can play it normaly with even color on the backup channel. I have heard its a problem of the TV, my tv is HDTV so... they i say i need another cables(Bla Blah Blah) I need to know what do i have to know... I have done everything i know and is still on Black and white! Please give me all the solutions and solution, possibles! The game is well play, so its only the color. Please Help!!

    P.S:My wii version is 4.0U. I have downloaded all these games by torrent from ESPALWII(DOT)com
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    First off, don't tell me about sites where they can download this stuff, all right? Replacing the . with a (DOT) doesn't make it alright.

    Secondly, it's probably that the game's region doesn't match you Wii or something, try downloading NeoGamma r7 and changing the region to load with NTSC or PAL depending on your region. I'm too lazy and stupid to go grab you links or get you more precise instructions right now, but with some luck, you might be able to fumble your way into getting it working before someone gives you better instructions.~

    Good luck.