Bitcoin Headache Mk. II

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    We have known for some time that there is a Transaction Malleability issue within the protocol, but AFAIK it does not damage the ecosystem beyond clogging it up, however some have stated that the mass DDoSing the bitcoin network could even be "gadflys" trying to bring attention to the issue so that it is patched. I believe the developers are working on something. Anyway, the big issue is how the different wallet softwares implement the bitcoin protocol and to paraphrase they use the transaction ID as confirmation of the coins when they shouldn't. I wont go into it here but yes Mt. Gox is certainly at fault, but so are many other large scare exchanges going through this issue (BTC-E). I suggest following this as new information comes out daily.
    As I was writing this I find that they have deleted all their tweets ( cleaning up shop is what many are saying.