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    Dec 12, 2006
    Ok, i've decided to get a SuperCard Lite and a SuperCard DS (i thought it would be best to get two from the same company to ensure no problems).

    The site that i want to get them from is, the prices seem pretty good - after getting round some Browser issues - and they have some pretty neat stuff in stock (i'm very interested in the Navy Blue NDSL). Couple of questions:

    Will i have to pay tax on top of what they say at the checkout?
    Is HopeBuy to be trusted?

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]

    EDIT: I checked out their forum - it seems fairly impressive, HopeBuy (the guy who runs it i'm guessin) replies daily to people's queries and most people seem to get good results. It's nice to see a site with open customer support so you can immediately tell how good it is.

    Also these are the shipping costs (cost is not a problem) which one will arrive fastest?,
    ADS cost: $20.36USD
    DHL cost: $23.07USD
    EMS cost: $24.81USD
    FedEx cost: $40.34USD
    TNT cost: $21.74USD
    UPS cost: $30.55USD

    On the FEDEX site, they reckon three days (100USD value, item type: Electrical Goods, 30x10x5cm package weighing 500g)