Bit of a deilemma here guys

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    Long story short I have this friend who has BPD aka Borderline Personality Disorder. She's had episodes where she has lashed out, tried to commit suicide, and has engaged in self harm. She just got out of an abusive relationship.

    She is currently getting close to a guy who's ex gf I was friends with. The ex gf left this guy because he was abusive: physically and verbally and emotionally, stalked her and threatened her and also would threaten to kill himself if she ever left him.

    Should I do anything about this? If he does something to her and she ends up hurting herself I'll feel some intense guilt. but I know it's also not my place to say anything, but holding this knowledge is troublesome.
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    this seems like a good plan
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    Of course you should, You would be guilty if you don't help your friend and his ex told you that he abused her, In fact you should try to persuade her not to go out with him.
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    Sounds familiar..
    Thor his ex also threatened to kill himself if Thor didn't leave me.
    Honestly, Thor should've said "do it" to him.
    Not to mention he used violence against Thor, manipulating him in every way etc.
    Fxcking prick.

    Honestly, do whatever it takes to get her away from that bastard.
    It will bring you misery and pain.
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    I would first rate what your friendship with this women out of 1-10 and make sure you have NO feelings towards her and if you do shove them out of the way.
    Next, you need to see there relationship and see if they're happy. He may have changed.
    Third, you need to make sure that she will not lash back if she gets any news from you.
    Fourth, you need to make sure when you confront her about this that you're in a calm setting. Go to a coffee shop or invite her to her house and make her comfortable
    Fifth, don't bring it up immediately, go and casually talk and THEN bring up her boyfriend. Act like you're worried.
    Also, don't be sarcastic or any negative things.
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    Oh my actual freaking god. I just met this guy less than a week ago with BPD and was going to ask on here how to talk to him. :/ No joke. I know this isn't tied to your OP, per se, but I think handling situations is a lot different when the person has BPD.
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