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Best Websites for Wii U


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Jun 7, 2021
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United States
These are the best websites for Wii U. I recommend these if you want to use them.

1. 3DSPaint
Very cool and highly recommend. It works on as far back as DSi if you use DSiPaint.

2. Reddit
Old reddit works very good which isn't too surprising. If you don't know, reddit is pretty good. Updoots are basically likes and Downvotes are dislikes. Karma is how everything like that is determined. If more updoots then downvotes there is positive karma. If more downvotes, you lose karma. There's messages and because it's just an old version of a now modernized site that has a new version, it is even better. It's basically one of the best sites on Wii U. Some people say Reddit and Twitter are equally as toxic but they forgot that you almost can't get cancelled on Reddit unlike Twitter where you get cancelled for the stupidest stuff.

3. CloneMii
This is a cool Miiverse clone. Other than the homebrew Rverse (and now Juxt), its the most active clone in 2021. Also me (DC TheGamr), holds the 3000th post there so I own da world >:D

4. Bwitter
This is a late 2006 Twitter clone except you have a 300 character bweet limit. It even works on DSi so try it if you want!!! Basically old Twitter but better (also better than modern twitter obviously). Not much to say here.

5. YouTube
In 2020 it wasn't possible to use the site anymore. Yet User Agent ignores that luckily. Basically there is a blog I made that explains this. However, essentially you can just change user agents to allow yourself to use it again. You can do this while browsing other stuff and it works well unlike the app. Highly recommend it.

6. Gmail
You can check your gmail with the HTML version. If you have a job imagine saying 'sorry my phone and pc are broken so i need to check my email on wii u'. Kinda funny you can even do this. Btw it works on 3DS too.

7. GBATemp
It barely works but it does. Somehow loads on 3DS too. Very useful for stuff like Homebrew help. Try it :D

8. Playboxie
It has free games to play on the web browser via HTML5. Very fun every once in a while.

9. Pear
This is a Miiverse alternative that looks like Wii U miiverse. Very cool.

10. Colors Gallery
This is the gallery for Colors 3D and Colors Live along with the mobile app but the website. Lots of art and replays.

These are all of my favorite sites for Wii U. Didn't type on GBATemp tho. Enjoy the sites on Wii U (or other devices in most cases).

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