Best way to reinstall 9.0 on sysNAND

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    This morning I successfully got arm9loaderhax up and running, so thanks to everyone involved with that! Now that we are at this point, I kind of want to install a fresh version of 9.0 on my sysNAND, and redo my emuNAND to get a clean start.

    The reason I want to reinstall my sysNAND is to get rid of any changes I may have made over the past many months. I remember at least installing the flashcard timewarp cia, I also installed the mset exploit at one point in time so I believe I have a downgraded System Settings title if I remember that correctly, and I think that's it.

    I'm fine with reinstalling arm9loaderhax if I have to, but what's the best way to go about this? Should I only install the two affected titles or the whole firmware to be safe?

    If I only install the mentioned titles, does anyone know the title name for the timewarp cia? Would installing the System Settings title for my firmware get rid of any remnants of mset?

    And finally, should these titles exclusively be installed by sysUpdater, or FBI? Does miniPasta need to be launched first so that sig checks are disabled?


    One solution I have come up with would be to create a fresh emuNAND based off my sysNAND on 9.0, then update/downgrade my new emuNAND to a fresh 9.0-9.2, then follow the sys/emuNAND swapping guide to get a clean 9.0-9.2 sysNAND while keeping a9lh. Since there is already a guide for this I feel a bit safer than trying to use sysUpdater or FBI on my sysNAND.
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