Best way to present a report?


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Jul 22, 2013
I have a presentation on a report about sound tomorrow. Our Science teacher specifically asked us to make it entertaining and worthwhile to watch. The thing is, I have no idea on making something that can entertain people. Also, it will just be our teacher watching us while the others are outside so we can do something humiliating while not getting laughed at by others.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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Nov 21, 2005
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For written stuff step 1 is does your school have a style guide. In those cases play to that, even if you reckon the person that wrote it would not know good writing style and formatting if it bit them on the arse.

Anyway I was once advised to try to make the audience laugh at least once, it is sound advice (feel free to use that as a pun if you want). Funny stuff from a science project is hard so if a bad pun like the one just covered then "unintentional" errors* in lists works for me. A real world widget to pass around if you can also works -- I once had to give a presentation on concrete reinforcement so I wandered over to the construction/demolition site nearby and got a builder to fetch me some, simple things like that do. I do not know what your particular presentation is on, nor what level it is at (you are not going to want physics degree if you are 16 and in high school sort of thing), or I might be able to offer something there.

*(pretend I was not too lazy to look up images)
Wait that is sci fi (something else from it)
Wait that is sci fi
Wait that is sci... actually no that is real
Sorry more sci... actually no that is also real

Likewise in all cases I try to assume I am speaking to someone smart but not necessarily an expert in the specific thing I am presenting on, sometimes it can also be the field (if I am playing engineer I might be presenting to someone who only has an engineering connection in that they wish to high such people or work for a company based around it) but you will hopefully be made aware of that. So although it is your teacher I imagine you would be told to make it for the class.

Random sound related video I found cool

Other than that you might consider doing the rough equivalent of report writing -- say what you are going to say, say what you came to say, say what you have just said, "any questions?"
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