Best way to play PSP games?

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    I have Rebug 4.76/Cobra 7.1 and webMAN/multiMAN/mmCM installed. I noticed there is an option in webMAN for PSP/PS2 games, how do I set that up? Do I need other homebrew apps to make PSP games work?

    I tried placing a PSP ISO into the PSPISO folder and rerunning ntfsprep and html/xmb in webMAN but the PSP games showed up under my PS3 game list in webMAN. I saw someone else on here had a similar issue also.
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    Download and install "Cobra PSP Launcher" from Brewology in the Emulators section.

    I personally installed the "PSP Remasters Launcher Fixed" version, but you may install any version you'd like.