Best way to get a newcomer into anime?

Discussion in 'Books, Music, TV & Movies' started by jDSX, Mar 17, 2016.

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    My girl who I am dating hasn't seen any anime and wants to start which is cool, I show her some anime nothing with seasons like I got into anime and well nothing seems to be of interests to her.

    I tried getting her to watch a few OVAs but she doesn't seem to understand the story and confused about the characters (the usual stuff at first) I asked her what genre she likes and showed her what anime had but nothing really grabbed her interests :mellow:

    So this is where I ask my fellow otakus what is the best way to get someone fresh into anime?
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    Long thread on the matter from a few years ago
    Same answer then as now, probably even the same suggestions what with anime not doing terrible well this last few years.

    If you would rather not read the whole thing (and I would) then
    1) Go with their interests. You tell me... Russia has great animation and your opening choices are soppy romance shows and I am not going to believe you. Some sci fi might be a different matter. You might need some refinement or knowledge about the matter as well -- I like shmups and if you do not know whether one you are suggesting is horizontal or vertical then it is a different matter. Or see something like the related genres in -- it all still applies when the only difference is it was made in Japan.
    2) Steer clear or any things that anime fans have grown to expect.

    Might be worth something new to you happening too. It is the rough equivalent of someone that has read the book which is never good.

    No endless series is a good start. What about standalone films or 6 episode shorts?

    The great subs vs dubs debate might also be worth having with yourself. Expect dubs to win out unless they are already used to subs from other things.
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