Best setup for playing Wii buckup games and emulators?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Exkorath, Sep 8, 2011.

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    OK, i recently soft-modded my Wii with the most updated version of ModMii because its been a while since my messed with the wii and decided to rehack it or whatever. What i mainly want is just to play backup Wii games and emulators. The last time i did this i couldn't get the backup loader to work because...well idk why i couldn't get it to work. The emulators were no problem they were easy as hell to use and all of that but what i wanted to know is what the best setup for that would be without hard-modding it with the WODE jukebox. I still want some Homebrew games here and there but i'm mainly gonna be using it for full Wii games, Gamecube games if possible and emulators like i said. I have a 500 GB external Hardrive i know i can use with it and an 8 GB SD card that also works with it. Also i would like tho know the best homebrew apps/games and how the hell you play duel-layered discs on the USB loader. So can i have some opinions on the best setup i can have at the time? thank you.
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    Most USB loaders (the one that you use to put the game on your drive) if you have the ISO of the game will split it into 2 files WBFS and WBF1 with the same file name as the .WBFS file. The usb loader (for you wii) will automatically load the WBF1 file when its needed so you dont really have to worry about it.
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    Use modmii BY XFLAK to get all the files you need and follow the genrated guide, and the gates of heaven will open for you...
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