Best Sega Saturn and/or Dreamcast emu's for PC?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Rayder, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Sega's Saturn and Dreamcast systems are ones I never emulated on PC before. I am sadly lacking on any knowledge of these systems. I never owned any of them, so I don't really know the games on them. I figure it's time to build up those emu's on my computer. I have most every emu previous to them on my PC already, might as well add them to the fun.......

    Since I currently have nothing for either system, which one should I start with? Which one has more action games that were good? I'm not really into RPG's, so don't bother mentioning those. Which emu's have the best compatibility and are the easiest to set up and run? What plugins should I get? Any other special files outside of the system BIOS and games do I need to make them work?

    Keep in mind I want to start with the system that has the best games that are not RPG's or FPS's. Which one would that be?
  2. mrgone

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    i tried nullDC once or twice, runs good

    saturn emulation is a bit trickier, and needs more cpu power (sucked most of the time, but onlky tried radiant silvergun)
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    I use Makaron for DC. It's also best with a 360 controller for PC. Unfortunately, it's more of a WIP, so GUI isn't on the top of the authors list, and there are some settings you may or may not need to change by actually opening up the INI files and what not. of course, once you get it going, it's pretty smooth. It'll only run files though, not burnt discs. And only CDI (DiscJuggler) and GDI (RAW Dreamcast GD-ROM) images.

    nullDC is a little more open ended since you can boot burnt discs, and a lot of other images i think, and it has a gui. But from my experience, it's actually harder to get it to do what ya want. At least, I was having trouble with it.

    Either way, I'd try out both. See which one works for you. Same goes with Saturn. The big 2 emulators are yabuse and SSF, and they're both pretty good. I personally like SSF, and if your computer meets its demands for running it, it might be the better choice. yabuse is just more portable. I think they even have builds for PSP..Even the Dreamcast itself. can't imagine it runs too well, lol.