Best Price for gateway in Mexico

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    Feb 23, 2014
    hi this is my scond time asking this but this time i will be more specific

    I want to buy a gateway i will have around 60-65 dollars and i want to buy it via paypal because a friend will buy it too i want to ask him to buy it with me i found eachmall but i don´t have credit card and my friend´s father have one but him don´t want to buy it with his credit card

    so im asking a place where i can buy a gateway for around 60-65 or even 70 with shipping and everything my friend will buy it in mercadolibre and are like 100 dollars and he want to buy it with him but i don´t have that money

    Sorry for my english im from mexico and i never take any english class and no i don´t use google or any translate tool