Best place to get a PAL 3DS XL?

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by sonic2756, Sep 29, 2014.

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    Looking to find a FW 4.5 PAL XL (Preferably one NIB). Where would be the best place to find one either online or in the US?
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    You might not find one because there's no such thing as a PAL 3DS, PAL is an analog television standard and the 3DS does not conform to it because it's not an analog TV console. You probably mean an European 3DS though, in which case I suggest eBay, which is the easiest way to get goods from overseas. Tell the seller that you'll pay extra for worldwide shipping and you'll get yourself a 4.5 3DS in no time. Not sure about XL's since they're apparently in high demand, but you should be able to find one. Can't forget about Trading section either, other members of GBATemp could hook you up with one.
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    Not to be rude to anyone specifically, BUT WHY DO PEOPLE NEED TO ASK ON AN ONLINE FORUM?(you are on the internet, and there is something called google)
    A google search would have been enough.

    As to answer the question, ebay.

    (Before I attempted to search, I thought it would be difficult to find 4.5 3DS/XL. It really isnt. there is so many of them out there and can be found all sorts of prices.)