Best place to form a band?

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    Okay, I know this is a weird site to ask this but I respect opinions on here because people have always helped me here when I've needed it the most. I am really passionate about music if you couldn't tell and me and my friend have been trying to get our 'band' going since 2012 to actually have something for people to enjoy. I would love nothing better than that. However my friend now has a job and a gf and has not much time for music any more :( he will always have a place in the 'band' but I am looking for more people to get this project of the ground.

    Any one who can play an instrument and or sing would be welcome to join me in this pursuit of happiness. I especially encourage local enthusiasts but any is welcome. Right now it's just a hobby (I'm no pro yet!) but everything has to start somewhere. I feel like a bit of a lone wolf right now and my songs these days feel like when you repeat a word over and over until it sounds weird and unfamiliar. I need a second, third.. ear to inject new life into this project which me and my friend have been working on.

    I'm not trying to say we are going to be famous and I don't want to be too serious about this. I just know there's people out there who feel/want the same. This isn't one of those throwaway hobbies people have (like when I wanted to make a video game and failed) this is ingrained in my heart and soul. If anyone knows of a great place to go to or if anyone has become fairly competent with their band and can share how you got there, please do.

    I didn't think this would turn into a rant but I guess it did :O well I've said what I wanted to so now I might be able to sleep. If anyone is interested I'll PM you some of our music. Love you guys (and no I'm not drunk).
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    So I am guessing you are in your 20's but not in university or something with similar amounts of free time and potential to meet new people, simultaneously this would mean you might not be old enough to do the "met in pub" band setup just yet. You might have a year or two left but wait until your friends start having kids.... dark times.

    You can try pubs, clubs, forums, magazines, if there is anything resembling a youth centre/music place, music shops sometimes hold meetups for this sort of thing, pubs if they skew younger or you are willing to work with older people and otherwise I tend to find it is people that met at work or stuck it out since their youth.
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