best Pay as you go Plan/service (US)

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    I'm starting work in a week and was thinking of doing a Pay as you go (currently on Parents plan (Verizon) and am willing to start off on my own I asked my friend and he said straight talk is that the best in your opinion I'm mainly looking for unlimited text (to US and Canada (gf lives in Vancouver) and Unlimited Data as well (planning on getting an android phone) any input would be greatly helpful
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    I forgot
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    If your area has good coverage for it, Virgin Mobile is a good option. It's unlimited text and data (throttled after 2.5 GB) and 300 minutes for $35 per month. Unlike most MVNOs like Straight Talk, you get full 4G speeds until you hit that soft 2.5 GB cap. Definitely check the coverage map first though. It works great for me but I'm in a heavily populated suburban area; YMMV. I also don't know if international texting is included with that.

    The thing you have to remember with these prepaid carriers is that you must buy the phone up-front, since there's no contract to subsidize the cost of the phone. Expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for a decent Android phone. You can skimp on this if you must, but you'll run into frustrations trying to run an outdated phone on today's software.
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    Im on the kroger iwireless $50 plan, you can use most sprint phone.
    Don't worry about the 2GB limit, im a ingress player and i only use about 1GB a month (Game+groupme+Google plus)