Best options for upgrading o3ds? (To N3ds)

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    Oct 27, 2014
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    When I first saw the n3ds, I didn't think I would need it but the new developments in cfw make me want to upgrade. (While looking for the cheapest option)

    Info on my current 3ds:
    Version: Sys-9.2 Emu-[Latest]
    CFW?: A9lh with Aureinand
    Sd Card: 8 gigs

    I googled around for a bit and could not find a good way to upgrade. I might of done that gamestop deal if it did not end and my 3ds has only $60 value on gamestop now.

    Options that I have found: (Other than just buying a N3ds XL)
    -Low trade in discount
    -Regular Japanese N3ds (Hack it to Region Free)
    -Wait a few years for a price drop

    Is there anything better?

    I honestly can live without getting one but I always want to see my options.
  2. Xenon Hacks

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    Backup your saves with JKSV format it, call Nintendo to unlink your NNID, sell it local (loaded with games and advertised as 9.2 with CFW), and buy a new one in store and pay the difference.
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