Best option to update sysNAND to sub 9.2

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    Hello all, just looking for a quick bit of input. I have a 4.X unit with a Gateway that I'd like to update to 7.X-9.2 for sake of the save keys (namely for the reason of using a save file for MM created on a 7.X system). I have a few questions regarding this before I do so.

    Firstly, since I have had sysNAND 4.X for ALL my games up to this point, will moving up to 7.X corrupt or ruin any of my older saves?

    Secondly, what is the best option to update? I have Pokemon Y retail, but I have no idea if that's 7.X or 6.X. Online updates are out, because 9.5 is a no-go. If Pokemon Y is no good, is it possible to update via any games through classic? I recall some button combo let this be possible, but I've no idea if that is still possible.
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    Pokemon Y is 6.X (6.1.0?) The new save encryption was added in 6.0 so that firmware will work fine :)
    Updating will cause cartridges using the newer encryption to have a corrupt save in Classic Mode. If they have a 512kb save (or card2) you can work around this by dumping the ROM and save and playing them from GW mode.
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    Watch out with the button combo, I seem to remember reading trying to update to 8-9.x using that will brick your 3DS. I can't remember exactly where and I don't know whether it's true, but if you do decide to try that, proceed with caution at the very least. I think there's a program someone made here that can download firmware cia files, and if you install those to sysnand you can install whatever you want. Not sure how to install cias to sysnand though (and this might be dangerous? If only Gateway just had a 9.2 upgrade tool in addition to 4.5 downgrade, lol). Also as the person above me mentioned, updating will delete some of your save files (namely, the games that support 6.x save encryption).
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