Best NDS rpg/srpg?

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    Mar 23, 2003
    So. Here I am asking you all for recommendations once again [​IMG]

    I love my DS for having games like ouendan, gyakuten saiban, castlevanias, nsmb and mario kart. But I've been trying to get a hold of any more rpg like title or srpg to have fun with. I was hyped back when FF3 came out because I got to revisit a old classic from my younger days (I'm old ^^)

    But time hasn't been nice to the game even with the new graphics. So here I am trying to look for the BEST NDS rpg. It should have newer gameplay mechanics and not feel like a nes/snes game in both story and gameplay aspects.

    Since I wrote srpg I guess alot of people might want to write advance wars, but I've tried it and it didn't do it for me.