Best medieval&fantasy games?

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    Well, I'm an avid fan of the band Rhapsody of Fire (formerly just Rhapsody) and I really love their last album Thrimph or Agony, which in many aspects of their story is remincescent of the LotR Trilogy story.
    Most of this band discography is really about that, telling epic tales with epic symphonic power metal music!

    Well, the thing is, I was tinking about this kind of epic tales, I mean Medieval & Fantastic tales from games and the only ones I come up with are:

    Fire Emblem 1&2
    Final Fantasy IV & V
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Golden Sun 1&2
    LotR: The Two Towers & The Return of the King (off course!)

    Well, that is it, maybe there are other SEGA titles?, or anything alike?
    I know, that the upper list is mostly RPG, but there are some games that are more than that, for example take Golden Axe from SEGA Genesis Col.

    Well, I don't know if you get me, Harry Potter for example is fantasy but is not Medieval (nor completely epic), I am talking about tales of great kingdoms, fates from towns at stake, continents or even the whole known world at risk in a medieval/fantasy background.

    Are there more of those or I am asking for too much on our really old and ill fated GBA? Should I just stick to my PC for a bigger baddier list?, hope not.
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    Fantasy metal huh. I will stick to GBA for this althought he vast amount of emulation available should yield something.

    Epic medieval games:
    lunar legend, acutally quite a good RPG if you can filter out the text speak in the botched localisation (not quite zero wing standards but hall of fame for sure)
    Sea trader rise of taipan: OK it is a cross between elder scrolls and elite and it involves pirates (of the sea faring variety).
    Phantasy star, OK it is sci fi but PS4 (DS emulation only I am afraid) is post apocalypse (think trigun).
    Shining Force - Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, a updated version of the megadrive classic.
    You have the final fantasy series as well which are all effectively available on the GBA now up to 6.

    Damn I know there are a lot more but the fact it is half one in the morning means it has all gone see my edit in 12 hours or so for more.
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    Fire Emblem
    Final Fantasy
    The Legend of Zelda: Minish
    Golden Sun

    Best series so far [​IMG]