Best HD Cable Set Top Box

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    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what the best CableCARD compatible set top boxes out there are? I see very compelling products such as the HDHomerun Prime, but that isn't necessarily a set top box as much as it is a Cable to IPTV converter. What I would like is a CableCARD compatible set top box with HDMI out.

    The reason the box actually function this way is for the rest of my family. They would not be able to deal with learning how to route the cable signal through my HTPC or Xbox.

    As an example, I spent extra money to get a universal remotes a few months back as our home theatre now requires 3 remotes to function and control. They refused to use it and instead carried all 3 remotes around all the time. It wasn't until I took the batteries out of the other three remotes and physically hid them that they used the universal remote (even now, they usually walk over and operate the devices by pressing the buttons on them instead of the remote).

    They could not handle the idea of cable not coming from a dedicated box. But I also can't handle the idea of renting an HD set top box for $20. Thus the dilemma.
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    HDHomerun Prime is an external TV tuner. It will not function on its own; it requires either a PC or mobile device.

    CableCARD is for those who doesn't want dedicated set top box to begin with. There is no dedicated set top box that uses CableCARD, that's defeating the purpose of CableCARD.