Best Flash Cart for a 3DS and a DSL

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    I am about to by my sons a couple of flash carts for Xmas, one has a DS Lite, currently has an old R4DS in it, but it only supports 2GB cards and it isn't always recognized on boot up. My other son has a 3DS. Since I was gonna buy a new one for the DS Lite I figured I would pick up a pair of them.

    I understand that 3DS ROM playing is still not possible (but maybe in the near future?).
    I was thinking a pair of Acecard2i's? Since they seem to have frequent updates and we have no need for GBA emulation (there are several GBA's around the house too). So it would only be the better build quality of the DSTwo that would be of appeal. Or maybe some kind of R4DS?

    Is there anything else that I should consider. The 3DS does get updated frequently so I would like something that gets frequent software updates
    Wishlist would be has follows:
    1. Game compatibility
    2. Software update frequency
    3. Price - I know I could probably get a card cheaper for the DS Lite, but I would like to just get two of the same card since I then don't have to worry about checking two websites for updates.
    4. Build quality

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    check out the r4i gold 3ds update by the .cn team.

    supports the wood firmware officially so you got compatibility and frequent updates covered. price is right, around $10-18 ea depending on where you shop.. maybe cheaper. build quality is really nice, its basically a clone of the r4 ultra (made by acekard).

    check the gbatemp review here:

    -another world
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    AceKard 2i or the R4i Gold.

    Personally I'd choose AceKard 2i..... :ninja:
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    Thank you, I will check out the R4i gold, I am familiar with the wood firmware since it's what I run on the R4DS I have now.
    So just so I'm doubly clear. There are two types of firmware/software.
    1. the firmware built into the card (this is what needs to be updated to get it to run on new 3DS firmwares, updated by running a .nds file
    2. the launcher software (wood in the case of the R4i) that determines the compatibility with the games and is just updated by copying files to the mSD card.

    Any reliable places to purchase from, I'm in the USA.
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    1: Yes, this part is the responsibility of the cart's team and will usually only be provided by their official website (though sometimes there are mirrors to help archive this).
    2: Yes, the launcher software such as Wood is the kernel, though sometimes is mistranslated to also be called firmware or just called that by mistake.

    Realhotstuff (R4i Gold link @ RHS) is a really good in-USA vendor, but if you don't mind waiting on a China-based shipper since you already have an R4DS, I can link you the exact items that I bought to test (and I wound up using one as my main cart). The 7-day with tracking DHL express shipping wasn't very expensive for me either, it was $8 for a ~$50 order (the items were all very small though).

    Since I made that post, downloadable firmware updates have been made to both carts to accommodate 2.2 System, the header for this on the cartridge is a Japanese Spongebob game. I happen to be using that one as my main cart just because I like the sticker better, but they are of equal quality IMO.

    Edited for providing the links I intended.

    For what it's worth, I also have a Supercard DStwo, but I never liked the interface as much as AKAIO/Wood skins. All the extra features aren't worth it for everybody, but the DStwo IS very nice. I only use it for homebrew & emulation. The Realtime Save/Cheat/Guide menu is the best unique feature for DS games if you're considering getting a nicer cart.

    As far as recommendations for AK2i, although I really like Acekard, they have not provided the 2.2 System compatibility bootloader yet and I think it's a bad idea to recommend AK2i to 3DS users because R4iDSN & Supercard have been a lot faster than Acekard team for some time now, in that respect.
    Final edit: Furthermore, since build quality is important to you, Acekard2i carts have been notorious for exhibiting contact issues, and I experienced this myself. In contrast, the R4iDSN carts I have are even a little sturdier than the R4DS carts I have, they are just as sturdy as the DStwo I have.
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    DSTwo or Acekard 2i. Nuff Said.

    I'd get DSTwo. It has much better features but it's more expensive.
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