Best Firmware for liteon drive OFFLINE

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by cardyology, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Hey guys, just a quickie.

    I have a jasper 360 flashed with lite touch 1.1, with the prospect of a banwave on the horizon I picked up a legit, non flashed 360 & a copy of black ops yesterday. i will flash again when LT+ is released but for now im sticking with everything legit.

    My question is: i said i'd give my friend my flashed lite touch jasper console to play offline, it dosnt matter if it gets banned but im aware that games with ap2.5 wont boot anymore.
    Is there a firmware for the lite-on DVD drive which will boot all backups, even AP2.5 ones? The LT console has been updated to the last (2010 - kinect) dash update, running 7 series lite-on with Lite touch 1.1 currently.

    So yeah, can anoyone recommend a firmware which will let my buddy play all games, offline including AP2.5.

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    Been a while cardyology.

    AP25 is going to be the deciding thing- better yet as and when LT+ appears you will then have to worry about splitvid on your old discs (unless of course we can a mod of 1.6NS) although you already have LT so that is not so bad (the 1.6NS crowd might be in for hard times though).

    As it stands at this very point in time unless you do the disc swap method ( ) you are out of luck if you are rocking the latest dash.