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    Dec 23, 2004
    Hi there!
    About a year and a half later I inserted a burned dvd with some gamecube game, but my wii crashes a lot.
    I think it has to do with the dvd I use. I burned a Memorex -R at 2x.

    What is the best brand, burner and way to burn a dvd to play on wii?

    Thank you
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    you asked a pretty open question there so expect a lot of different answers [​IMG]:ha:

    I use Taiyo Yuden -R at 4x with imgburn (free software) and have had very few fails
  3. OmegaVesko

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    Mar 28, 2011
    Generally, Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden (ALWAYS -R) are considered the best. Burn slowly with ImgBurn.
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    this is a misconception and is only true for only true for verbatim media for some strange reason i forgot, I use Taiyo Yuden so I don't worry about it. Almost all other discs you should burn as fast as possible as it actually reduces the errors, google it if you don't believe me. A good analogy would be drawing a straight line, if you do it fast its pretty easy, but if you try to do it slowly it usually ends up looking pretty bad. If you're using ImgBurn (and you should be) then select "Automatic Write Speed"
  5. D34DL1N3R

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    Verbatim. But remember... not all Verbatim are created equal. It depends on where they are manufactured. You want the ones made in Singapore.

    And +1 to burning slowly being a misconception. Back in my PS2 burning days I clearly remember doing the entire "burn at slowest speed" thing and ending up with stuttering and skipping FMV's on nearly every game... until I re-burned them at the discs specified speed. Any modern dvd writer can handle burning at max speed just fine - unless you use absolute garbage media.