Best DSLR for Me?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by UnseenHero, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Hey guys,
    As the title says I need help to pick a good DSLR, but there are certain things I am looking for. My father's friend yesterday sold him a Nikon D3000 with an 18-55mm Lens, a 55-200mm lens, and a flash ( I am not to sure what the real name for this is. but It is an additional flash. This big part to attach to the camera where you can pick the flash power and mode and pilot.) Anywyas my dad said for me to test it out and if I don't liek it he might buy me an ew one. Now that I tested the camera for a bit I do not like it to much. Maybe it's because i'm not to used to DSLRs but this kind of one isn't my style.
    The style of DSLR i'm looking for is a hybrid for video and pictures. I am more of a videographer than photographer. And if you say why not buy a Camcorder or something, there are DSLRs which take amazing film like the T2i. I am looking for something like that. That can control the light well, and take stunning pictures AND video. Now I think the price max here is ~500 more or less. Now should I save to buy a T2i camera (or something suggested) or stay with this DSLR which I will get used to over time.
    I know it might not be clear what i'm askign but I'm asking if there are other cameras like the T2i but cheaper price wise and still take video and pictures very well. OR should I keep the camera because it is a good one.


    P.S: I keep referring to the T2i because sine the T3i was released there was a price drop and the only difference I see in them is T3i has a move-able LCD ( which I don't care much for) and audio inputs (which catches my attention)
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