Best detail game everrrr.

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    Yes this is the best platforming game ever the reason why is because it had so much content. It gave playstation players the ability to give the true meaning to love games such as this amazing title, and others. You just couldn't say no to it no matter how good or bad it was (*cough cough*). The graphics are so underrated it reminds me of my gtx titan It's so good it's up to par with the call of duty series It's basically like quality over quantity when it comes to great games like this. The levels are a never ending story it reminds me of super mario 64 mixed with star fox. Don't you even get me started on the plot lol the plot was more driven than FF7. It has the essence of nostalgia right behind it. This game started platforming, and without that it would be just like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, so I thank you Bubsy 3D.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Make way, kiddos.
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    After playing Bubsy 3D, other games just seem all stale and boring.