best & cheapest Wii component cable and rechargeab

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    Nov 24, 2006
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    Whatever you find is the cheapest for component cables is going to work just as well as $30 ones. I think there was a set of cables for something like $5 plus shipping, so look for something around $10 and you'll be satisfied. What you found will be just fine assuming they don't jack you for shipping charges.

    As far as batteries, don't go with a charging station. Go with good AA rechargeables and a high quality charger. I go to for all my batteries now. These consistently outlast Duracell and Energizers, even when charged in the same charger (also from the same place) and they cost less. I highly recommend this combo for Wii users:
    Plenty of batteries and the best charger ever. You'll start replacing your batteries in all your devices with ones from these guys once you start using them. Definitely worth the initial cost.
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    United States sells some good Wii Component cables.