Best card for battery life?

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    Jun 25, 2007
    I'm trying to decide btwn. the R4, M3 Simply, and the Cyclo. I currently have a DS-Xtreme (don't even ask - if I would have done the research instead of hubby there is no way I would have paid $125 for a card when I could get one for $40 as I don't need bells and whistles, but I didn't research until *after* we had the DS-Xtreme). I have a DS Lite as does dd and there is no way I'm buying another DS-X at the cost of it so I'm trying to decide on a second card.

    My ? is about battery life. Do any of the cards affect it greatly? Is there one card that is better than another for not sucking the battery quicker than a reg. DS game? I turned off the LED lights on the DS-X and am hoping that helps but for the new card I'm wondering what is best at not draining the battery quicker than normal.
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    There isn't much difference in battery drain between the more recent slot 1 flashcarts. They all use a bit more power than a standard DS game, but not that much.

    Most of the recent official GBAtemp reviews have battery life tests in them.
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    Mar 30, 2007
    DS-X drains a lot of battery power, even with LED's on. I mean, with a normal DS cart I get around 8-9 hours of gameplay, and with the DS-X, just around 6-7!
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    Jun 19, 2007
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    Also you will find that battery life is greatly reduced if you just close the lid with sleep mode using a flash cart as opposed to a standard game (hours worth of difference) due to the fact that the flash card is constantly draining power to read from the minicard. Or so I think heh from other people's posts