BenQ iextreme LT released

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    The BenQ version of LT has now been released to the general public. Jungleflasher has been updated to support it ( ) and a few days ago got a few choice fixes for other drives.

    For those new to this last year saw a ban wave of hacked 360s, it was traced to the firmware being detectable at various levels resulting in the LT firmware which until now was only available for the liteon drives (all revisions).
    Splitvid is required (ABGX360 can do it quite happily) and SSv2 is highly suggested as per the liteon version as well as checks being disabled (no more hassles with waves).

    If you are running a banned box or otherwise offline box 1.6NS is a better choice- splitvid may not have been used on certain discs you already have.

    C4E's iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter
    After a long development and testing process we give you the first official release of the iXtreme LT
    - Supports all BenQ Drives (62430C, 64930C)
    - Supports all Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)
    - Totally re-written code optimised for minimal patching
    - Whole banks of firware now untouched
    - New Drive response timing engine accurately mimics original drive timings
    - Full disc stealth used by default
    - Waveless booting , disc images are assumed to be correct!
    - Split-Vid used as default
    ###### WARNING ######
    Warning! Ensure all disc images are checked with abgx as LT assumes all stealth/ss/pfi/dmi is correct. Disc images must also be splitvid and preferred SS v2
    Warning! Lt will not save you from being banned if console is already flagged by using a previous firmware or non-stealth discs
    It is also advisable to apply all system updates before flashing with LT. All future console system updates (not game updates) must be applied with caution
    ###### WARNING ######
    Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.
    Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their generous support to this project.
    Downloads should be available in the usual places. No word on Hitachi or Samsung.
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    man! still waitin on samsung and hitachi, good news for my buddy who has a benq! sad for me i got a sammy n my other buddy gots a hitachi
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    waiting patiently for sammy LT [​IMG]