BenQ and LiteOn iXtreme LT v1.1

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    No new games and a only a few bits and pieces otherwise means no new releases post just yet.

    iextreme LT got an update though to 1.1 for both the liteon and the benq.

    The benq version fixes a security bug it is mandatory if you want to avoid a ban.

    The liteon version fixes a few issues people were having with dirty discs on liteon drives.

    Jungleflasher also got an update to reflect these changes.

    I did not see it on the xbins frontend but I have not checked the FTP proper yet. Teamjungle twitter page:
    As usual if you are running an offline box we suggest 1.6NS instead of LT but for an online box LT is a must.
    Jungleflasher homepage:

    Nods to xbox-scene for

    The bundled NFO appears to be the same one from the first release but I added it anyway: