Benefit of Slot 1 over Slot 2

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    Jan 19, 2007
    First of all, I'd like to state that I don't have a DS yet at this point. For some weird reason, they're all out of stock here in Vancouver in the local Future Shops (owned by Best Buy), for which I managed to score a gift card.

    I've been reading up on games, homebrew, and flash carts. Yay.

    Everyone seems to be really excited about the expandable Slot 1 solutions out there:M3 Perfect Simply (R4DS) and Supercard DS One.

    What I'm curious about are the benefits of these cards over their Slot 2 variants. It seems to me that the DS doesn't care if you shove it in from the front or the back, it takes it and that's that.

    Is it just because the Slot 1 cards are new? From what I can see, the Slot 2 versions, though a little more expensive, can play GBA games, and are fairly mature in terms of compatibility.

    Can anyone clear this up? Thanks.

    Edit: I'm such a newb. Didn't notice the DS forum. I'll quietly bow out and drag my sorry ass question to the right forum [​IMG] Sorry about that!
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    You have it pretty much summarised there.

    Benefits of DS slot carts: a lot of carts support drag and drop of DS roms, nothing much else (nothing special to me but what the hey). For the record there are several other external memory supporting DS slot carts too. I guess you have the "new" factor as well.

    GBA slot: for the most part more homebrew support (DS and GBA) is better as well as the ability to use save grabbing tools for DS games, GBA support (check your cart to see what level), DS support is not much worse than DS slot carts (personally I consider it on par). You will need either a (no)pass(me) or to run flashme on your DS if you want DS stuff.
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    +No need for PassMe/FlashMe/NoPass
    +Easier Interface, usually.

    -No GBA
    -Bad homebrew support (as of now).

    That's pretty much the gist of it.
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    If you dont mind losing the GBA feature, there's no reason to not get an slot-1. the homebrew support will improve eventually. i have a slot-2 and i've only put one GBA game on it, and then took it off and just played it on my computer...