Beginner with R4 and Wood, im confused...

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by niq, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Feb 12, 2011
    So im thinking of buying a R4 to run Wood. But there are so many things I wonder about.

    1. There are a lot of talks about "Original R4" and "R4 clones". Some say ALL are R4 clones. Can someone make this a big clearer please?
    2. How can you tell a "Original R4" from a "R4 clone"?
    3. Does a "R4 clone" perform worse then a "Original R4"?
    4. What is a 1:1 clone?
    5. I found one site selling a R4 with the title "R4 DS HC RLP Slot 1 flash kit, Micro SD HC + 4Gb memory (class 4)" and on the site it said "This RLP version is supported by M3 Team, best updates and compatibility." What does "RLP" stand for and what is it good for?
    6. I've read that the "Original R4" can't use memory cards larger then 2GB and that all "R4 SDHC" cards are "clones". Is this true? Is ALL "R4 SDHD" cards clones?
    7. Are there anything that makes "R4 SDHC" cards bad compared to the R4 without SDHC?
    8. On a download site for the Wood software I found files for "Wood R4", "Wood R4iDSN" and "Wood RPG". What is the different between these versions?

    Hope someone can take their time and give answer to my noob questions. [​IMG]
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    Different versions work on different cards.
    WoodR4 works on original R4s and 1:1 clones.
    WoodR4iDSN works on the card from
    WoodR4i Gold works on the card from
    WoodRPG works on the AceKardRPG and is the original version of Wood.
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    You are aware the the term is "flash cart" and not "R4", right? [​IMG]

    Many people think that R4 is the only name out there, which is why there's so many clones trying to cash in on the name. The R4 hardware is old, and you can get much, much better now in other brands.

    If you're looking at the R4 for cheapness (some sites sell 1:1 ones for $6) or just to have the name, ignore this.