Before posting a "help me run this game" thread...

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    I see so many people asking for help on running a game, but not efficiently. I think we need a thread outlining some proper ways of asking for help running a game.

    Wasn't quite sure if it should go here or in the Backup Launcher section. There's plenty of backup related issues here and its less crowded, so I figured this would work.

    Odds are a lot of people will skip this thread, but it's nice to know that I at least tried and even if one newbie reads it and follows it, that's one less newbie to struggle with.


    This is the most common thing to do, yet it's often times missed. Try searching your problem in GBAtemp's Search function to search GBAtemp or in Google to search the entire web. This can resolve most problems involving running games.

    * GBAtemp Searcher (Google powered)
    * Search function (Advanced Searcher)
    * Google


    Can't say it any other way, but check your stuff! You could easily be using an outdated launcher, outdated cIOS, etc. With the new updates to loaders and cIOS, a lot of game fixes come. Check your stuff!

    * Backup Launcher section


    To avoid clutter, don't try immediately posting a new thread. A lot of these times these are simple questions that can be answered in one swift post.

    * General Quick Questions thread
    * Disk Loader Help thread (outdated info, but active question asking)
    * USB Loader thread


    If you posted a question and it either isn't a simple fix or it gets buried underneath a tide of other questions, make a thread. Here's some things to remember when posting:

    * Make the thread title clear! Making a new thread with "HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!" as the topic title isn't helping, actually. Posting one saying "Super Mario Galaxy not working on USB Loader" or something along those lines does. It also makes you look a lot better and more professional and thus will get you less or no flaming.
    * Give us all the necessary info! This is the main reason I made this thread. When posting a thread, give us info about your situation. We should have the following info:
    ** What game it is (no duh). If possible, the release info (ex. Family.Fun.30.Great.Games.Winter.Fun.USA.Wii-BiOSHOCK. Sorry I didn't have a better example, this was the most recent one when I posted this).
    ** What happens when it loads? Does it freeze, give you a green screen, give you a black screen, returns you to the system menu, etc.
    ** Softmod or hardmod
    ** What loader you're using and what version (ex. NeoGamma R7)
    ** What cIOS you're using (if applicable)
    ** If using a hardmod, what chip you're using as well as other info about the chi
    ** If using disc loaders, your burn medium and what speed you burnt it at (ex. Verbatim DVD-R's at 4x speed)
    ** Solutions you've tried so far.
    * Remember to be kind. Try thanking people for their answers and good intentions. A little kindness goes a long way.
    * And the biggest thing, type legibly. So many people come here and type wildly and without any sense of editing. Use proper grammar, try to make it look presentable. It's not required, but it makes you look more professional and will attract more answers than flames.

    Here's a small thing I made so that you can copy/paste this for help threads:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Hope this helps!