Been out of the vita loop for a while - Questions/advice

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Shadowtrance, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Shadowtrance

    Shadowtrance GBAtemp Addict

    May 9, 2014
    Hervey Bay, Queensland
    So yeah been out of the vita loop for a while and was going to update my PSTV from 3.36 to 3.55, new game needs 3.52 or higher... (still have my 3.18 vita).
    But figured I'd try and see if it's possible to maintain some hax on the updated PSTV anyway if possible.

    So i was wondering what has to be done to update my current custom bubbles etc to still work on 3.55?
    The bubbles were created using the old method with the & folder trick.
    Do i need to wipe them out and recreate them using the new method or will they continue to work as is?
  2. RazorX2014

    RazorX2014 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 18, 2014
    first off is your pstv activated, secondly if so and you have a psp game/demo or minis on it try my Vita Email Hacker to add a few custom bubbles as for updating the ones you already have just update the files themselfs and it should be ok but you may run into compatibility issues so back them up first
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