Been out of the loop with 3ds hacks and stuff

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  1. razielleonhart

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    May 21, 2008
    so i been out of the loop with all the hacks, tacos, CFW and anything else that has popped up. I own 4 systems of my own and 1 a family member owns and i have a few items to get me started with the same or something new but i kinda needs help with what to do.

    N3DS XL - 9.0.0-20U/ GW3D 9.5.0-22U * I been using the GateWay with this

    Stock not at 9.9 3DS XL *This one has my Nintendo ID and games*

    3DS XL 9.7 * I have the NAND to down it back to 4.x but i dont have the tools to do it*

    2DS 9.4 *Just a system no ID*

    3ds 4.4 Downgrade with gateway from 7.x. This one is my family member * Only has a R4 DS flash card nothing more*

    I own Cubic Ninja and Zelda OOT and i have a Gatway and a DSTwo.

    So anyone have anything ideas what i should do with my systems
  2. Adeka

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    the o3ds on 4.4 can use rxtools

    n3ds on 9.0 can use reinand cfw

    Everything else is updated too high.
  3. samiam144

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    9.0 n3DS - stick with gateway.
    4.4 3DS - use rxtools
    Everything else, ninjhax 2.0 and/or sky3ds. Cubic ninja required for ninjhax 2.0
  4. zoogie

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    You're n3ds is stuck at that 9.5 emunand. It's broke on later firms.
    Only other is the 4.4 system, with gateway/rxtools/reinand/cakesFW you can emunand up to the latest 9.9.
    There is now Mset downgrading for the cfws to run on 9.2 with downgraded mset title to 4.x or 6.x.

    You also have the hb only ninjhax 2.0 that can work between 9.0 and 9.9.