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    Okay, Got a few, hopefully simple to answer, questions... finished using ModMii already, running through the Wizard on it as if it was a virgin wii (a.k.a. rehack the Wii); so Got all that up to date.

    Now, for the questions:
    - Has anything been done toward improving cMIOS compatibility for backup GC games? I know for the longest time, I couldn't play the backup copy of Killer7 on my Wii at all, whether through the disc channel, or on Neogamma (I prefer being able to use the disc channel if I can use it that way). Has the GC compatibility been worked on at all lately? To be fair, I probably haven't seen an installer or any real updates on it since I think early last year, so I could just simply be out of the loop there.

    - Previously, I had DarkCORP 1.1 installed. Would this affect DarkCORP's ability to be able to run disc backups through the disc channel? Should I (re)install DarkCORP then?

    - I see now that ModMii could support updating me to 4.3U (currently on 4.2U). Should I use its wizard to get me to that point then?

    - With the Wii's internal NAND memory, it just feels like I'm chronically low on file space with it, especially when I start playing through a bunch of different games at a time. I keep hearing about this sneek/uneek stuff, but I haven't the faintest to what it would do, or how it would help. What about the wads and VC channels that I both legit and installed via wad manager? How would that be affected? Would I have to reinstall these then? Currently have an 8GB SD in the Wii... I also got a 16GB one (slightly lower class) to help if it would help with the space problems.

    Once again, I want to thank everyone here for their help, and for having the patience to help someone that's been rusty on this stuff get back up to speed. [​IMG]
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    Most people seem to say to get rid of darkcorp never used it myself so can't say. As for gamecube stuff I think wiipowers been working on improving loading with neogamma, might wanna check out the stickies for that under the backup loader thread. No point in updating to 4.3 nothing new has been added since 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 were purely anti homebrew updates. Haven't tried sneek/uneek don't bother with vc/wiiware games so I have tons of space on my Nand. Hopefully some other people can answer your other questions.
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