Been gone since 2009, are there any upgrades I should do?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by metroplex2k7, Oct 6, 2016.

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    I softmodded my 3.xx Wii back in 2009 using this method:

    1] Update your wii to the latest "homebrew friendly" firmware (If on <4.2 currently).
    2] Install the Homebrew Channel & Bootmii onto your wii.
    3] Restore the trucha bug on your Wii by installing a patched IOS236.
    4] Install custom IOS 222[38] & 223[37-38] [Hermes v4], 202[60] & 224[57] [Hermes/Rodries v5.1], 249[56] & 250[57] [Waninkoko v21 d2x v8] to your wii.
    5] Install custom MIOS to enable Gamecube backups via disc.
    6] Install brick protection via Priiloader, and earlier System Menu IOS's.
    7] Allow your Wii to play Wii backups through a backup loader, directly from the disc channel, &/ or via usb (these are not included).
    8] Play Wiiware & Virtual Console games off the sd card menu.

    I'm using whatever version of USB Loader GX was out at that time.

    So, I'm wondering, are that updates/upgrades I should do that increases compatibility/functionality, etc.
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    Download this and use the syscheck updater to see if any of your mods are out of date
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    d2x v10
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    Update your Backup loader, it's probably using WBFS format, now recommended is FAT32 although I use NTFS for 4GB restriction.
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    the restriction is ONLY if you want to use your drive for things OTHER than wii games. like movies, PC games, etc.
    There's no issue with Wii games bigger than 4GB on a FAT32 partition.

    @metroplex2k7 :
    without going through all the check and update process, here a quick summary that you would like to know:
    - you don't NEED to update to 4.3, 4.1 is fine. If you are on 3.x (like me, 3.2) it's fine too, but you might miss some system files needed for homebrew and/or games. Don't worry about it, that's not important.
    - launch HBC and check its version (press home button), if it's 1.0.6 or older, you'll have to update. if it's 1.0.7 or newer but lower than 1.1.0 you should update anyway as it includes some fixes. version above 1.1.0 are not mandatory (WiiU compatibility and fixes, etc.)
    - In HBC Home menu, check the "IOS" version it's using. If it's NOT IOS58, you will have to install IOS58 before re-installing HBC.

    now about the hacks :
    slot202 : not needed anymore.
    Hermes cIOS : there's no new update
    slot236 : no need to update
    slot 249-250 : you will have to update to at least cIOS d2x v8. (v10 is not required, it's the same as v8, and even has some issues if you install the latest revision)

    You said you already have v8, so it's not that bad/old :) you are good with all your cIOS. You might want to update only HBC is <1.1.0 and/or not using IOS58.

    About homebrew :
    update USBLoaderGX to current latest revision. link in my signature, or on the official USBLoaderGX thread's first post. If you are using the Full channel, follow this guide.
    If you want to play Gamecube games from SD/USB/disc, you don't need to install anything (except IOS58 if you don't have it), and use Nintendont homebrew. You don't need the custom MIOS anymore. but no harm to keep it.

    About your games/HDD:
    if you use WBFS partition format, you might want to convert it (not format) to FAT32.
    it's more stable and prevent game corruptions. you can follow the wbfs2fat guide from my signature.
    then, if you used WBFS manager, stop using it as it's not working with FAT32. Using WiiBackupManager instead.