been away from the community and wondering if i should get a 3DS XL

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by ilovemyfilipina, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. ilovemyfilipina

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    Oct 26, 2014
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    i forgot my old account an had to start a new one :( , i had r4 before on my regular DS remember all those games i played... whats the situation now with 3ds and flashcard i keep seeing people saying is not working ? i'm thinking of buying a 3ds Xl and i'm scared it go to waste ?
  2. Abcdfv
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    Oct 26, 2014
  3. alexenochs

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    next time you have a simple question like this ask it here
    but to answer your question right now the only publicly available flashcarts run on firmwares 4.1 - 4.5 we currently are up to 9.0 however there is a new flashcart called the sky3ds that is possibly comming out that will support current firmware 9.0 but in speculation this could be a hoax/fake you have two choices either spend extra money getting a 4.5 3ds and buy the gateway 3ds cart right now that has many more features that then 9.0 sky 3ds cart is going to have the gateway is anywhere from around 60-80 dollars depending where you look now.. sky3ds runs on the newest firmware but it will cost 120 dollars so if you currently have a 3ds thats on the latest firmware i would just wait for that
  4. GorTesK

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    either get a 4.X system with Gateway or wait for the sky3ds and whether or not it will be compatible with the N3DS
    inform yourself about their features and how they work and then decide, what you want
    anyway if you are in no hurry, then I would suggest waiting a little bit for the sk3ds to release, so people can actually test and compare it to gateway
    right now everything concerning it is more or less theory crafting
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