Been away for awhile and would like some advise please.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by chadders, May 16, 2009.

  1. chadders

    chadders GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 21, 2005
    Hi guys, been away from the Wii scene for quite some time now and was looking for some help with the new system menu.

    I have a Pal Wii which was bought on launch day with a Wiikey V1 installed running on the latest firmware (i think it was for mario galaxy). I have the HBC installed which to be honest i only used for playing movies on in mplayer. I have a couple of wiiware games installed using Wad installer i think its called and have had a few VC games installed in the past, all this is running on system menu 3.2E.

    Now since i have been away i believe the system menu is now upto 4.0 and can do some fancy thing from the SD card for storage. I have been reading about all the Cios's, ios35 and R10 and i have now idea what these are all about. I remember the last thing i did was install something which updated the shop channel but it was that long ago i have now memery of how i did it and what it was had to install.

    What i'm wondering is this,

    1) I am no longer bothered about watching movies through my Wii as i can do this direct through my TV now from my home network/USB stick.

    2) I would still like to be able to install the odd Wiiware game now and then to try the more fun looking game like lost winds, world of goo and so on.

    3) I am no longer really bothered about installing/playing VC games.

    4) I would like to have all the new functions of system menu 4.0 but would like to keep the HBC for future use if needed.

    So as i have my Wiikey installed am i understanding that if i do a system update from the Wii settings that i will get all the new functions but will still be able to use all my HBC and install the odd Wiiware game without messing anything up. Will i also have to start installing these Cios's as i really can't get my head round all these?????

    Cheers guys u really are gods, i would really like as much info on this as u can give to help get my head round it all, thanks!!
  2. chadders

    chadders GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 21, 2005
    anyone willing to help me out??????
  3. FenrirWolf

    FenrirWolf GBAtemp Psycho!

    Nov 19, 2008
    United States
    Sandy, UT
    Run the HackMii installer to update the HBC and install BootMii, update to the latest cIOS (rev10), then use Waninkoko's 4.0 updater to get to 4.0 with all h4x enabled. Then you can use StartPatch or Preloader to block disc updates if your modchip doesn't do that for you already.

    Also, look into the USB Loader. It runs games better than a mod chip with a few exceptions. =P
  4. mydarxide

    mydarxide Advanced Member

    Sep 29, 2008
    United States
  5. mikeyt1998

    mikeyt1998 YouTube Glitcher

    Aug 11, 2007
    Dalton-in-furness, north west
    i find the safest way is:

    Install cIOS36_rev9 (REV 10 IS CRAP FENRIR)
    update via Nintendo (dont worry about risks, it's the safest way coz you dont miss any important IOS out when you update)
    install Preloader 0.29 (this will patch your IOS0 so you can play unofficial VC through SD menu and prevent bricking)

    then if you fancy, use hackmii installer through the HBC to install Bootmii and the new version of HBC.

    oh, and you'll still be able to install VC/ Wiiware, and if you want all your IOS 'Hackable' again, run IOS Downgrader through HBC or whatever. easy.
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