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  1. prowler

    prowler Sony

    Jul 14, 2009

    My first review guys [​IMG]

    Bayonetta is a witch (Umbra Witch if you will) who has lost all of her memory from sleeping for 500 years. Of course, like all story lines she goes on a hunt to get it back. The story line may seem confusing at first but once you have completed it your all good.
    The story is took place in a city called Vigrid where Bayonetta travels to find a stone that she is believing will give her some sort of clue how to track her memory down. Easier said then done, the Lumen Sages (Opposite of Umbra Witches) are on her trail, trying to stop her at any means necessary.

    Gameplay - 9/10
    The gameplay is one of a kind, with Bayonetta summoning Monsters from Inferno with her hair and landing a set of numerous combos. With a number of bosses you won't be able to count and 'Witch Time' where you can slow down Monster's to earn a big boost in combat. Bayonetta can equip four guns at one time, there is also swords to buy and more. Bayonetta can also use 'Torture Attacks' which is where she pulls off some of the most outrageous stunts in mist of battles ever. With Bayonetta being an Umbra Witch she can also transform into animals at taps of buttons anytime, anywhere.

    Graphics - 10/10
    I haven't seen so good graphics. Every bit of this game is detailed, so you won't be seeing some low rendered graphics anywhere in this game!

    Sound - 8/10
    The soundtrack to this is really catchy! I haven't heard music like this in a long time. The only bad part is that it can get annoying and some of the music just doesn't fit with scenes but I'm sure you won't be disappointed with any of it!

    Lasting Replay - 8/10
    With modes Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Non-Stop Climax and medals to earn, you won't stop playing. There is tons of unlock-able weapons/items/techniques in this game and Bayonetta even has an online leader board for you to earn that top spot with your platinum award.

    Overall - 9/10
    Bayonetta is a fun game to play, with jokes through-out (even some SEGA references!) This game is not the one to miss, even if your not into Action games. So what are you reading this for? Get playing this game.
  2. bazamuffin

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    Feb 1, 2009
    Shmashmortion Clinic
    Simple, to the point review. I like it!!!
  3. XWolf

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    Oct 9, 2009
    played the demo - I love it, will have to buy at somepoint soon. Really like this review too - nice to know the demo was not just the best bits.

    It's like Devil May Cry meets God of War but much better!
  4. SonicRax

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    Jun 20, 2007
    I love this game - the gameplay is fluid and smooth (on the 360 version it's a bit smoother, but the PS3 one isn't all that much different though), the soundtrack is awesome (I love how rather than go for a heavy rock / metal angle, they chose what they call a more feminine sound), and yeah the game is just overall fun as hell.
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