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    Nov 6, 2007
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    I do a lot of DIY and have been an electrician for years but I would like gbatempers ideas on this. For a little fun project for to mess around with I plan to take a little Razor Scooter (pic below in spoiler) and do a few add-ons/mods. I am going to make a 12v battery in series pref rechargeable to save space instead of using a big 12v battery. The problem im having problems with is the fact I dont want to spend a lot of cash on a small fun project other wise I would use a goofy little 12v rechargeable battery from a little RC car. I plan to spend a max of $50 (plus the $30 I have already paid) on this little scooter.

    ADDITION Also please give any suggestions as to what you think I should do to the scooter.

    Should i just do a 9 and 2 AAs or like 8 AAs ect?


    Also I still haven't decided on what to do with a foot long piece of 3 inch pvc i have (I had a 2ft piece but I used 1ft on an NDS game holder).
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