1. Tir

    OP Tir GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 7, 2006
    Since battery life is a pretty big factor in which card I get and there's very few reports around, how long does the G6L last for those lucky enough to have one? I've heard the EZ4L only lasts ~5hrs (about as bad as SC) and the review on here says the G6L uses next to no power (no need to read from a card etc), so I'm hoping it's a few hours longer.

    And can you say whether it's flashed and whether you have a pass card, real game, or nothing in the DS slot? I'm interested in hearing how much those affect battery life too since a post elsewhere claimed to get +3hrs from not having the passcard in his flashed Lite.
  2. meangreenie

    meangreenie Banned

    Nov 14, 2005
    Those times are with the old DS-phat ... actual DS retail carts only get a bit more on them , around 6hrs+ dependant on the game used.

    Extra battery drainage on the SC compared to other flash-carts is a myth, that doesn't want to die.

    Those carts (SC and EZ4) would get 9+hours on a DS-lite with a level 2 light setting.

    The G6 might get a little more since the memory is directly in the flash cart.
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