Batman & Superman To Feature In The Same Movie....It's A LEGO

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    Warner Bros. are making a LEGO movie called "LEGO: Piece of the Resistance", it is due out February 18th 2014. Today WB also announced that this movie will also feature Batman & Superman! So you've got kids movie, LEGO & Batman & Superman...yeah this thing is going to do well.

    Will it be good though? It's directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller who did Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (I've not seen it but critics like it) but also the fairly decent 21 Jump Street and will also input from Chris McKay who did Robot Chicken.

    Story goes like this:
    Sounds like Bats & Supes could be special guest stars however the voice for Batman is Will Arnett of Arrested Development...yeah never watched that so I can't say if he's a good fit. Shame they didn't get Kevin Conroy. For Superman apprarently they're trying to get Channing Tatum...which leads me to believe that those two could be in larger roles.
    Who knows how this could turn out.
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    BAHAHAHA, what? I'll never be able to take this film seriously with him doing the voice.

    But he could do a decent Batman, I dunno. He certainly wouldn't be my first choice for the role, though.
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    I hardly know Will Arnett from anything that isn't comedy (he's Gob in Arrested Development and he also plays Devin Banks occasionally in 30 Rock). Here's some stuff from Arrested Development...

    Channing Tatum... Um, I dunno.

    Still I was expecting some type of Batman cameo in that upcoming Man of Steel movie or something.
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    GOB as Batman? That could work. ("Yeah, like the guy in the million dollar Bat-suit needs to get criminal blood all over him. COME ON!")

    On the whole, though, this project isn't all that exciting. Then again, I'm more of a K'nex guy, so maybe it's just me.
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    Not the best choice, but Will does have that darker raspy gritty voice in there a little. It could work, but it would require a lot of work.