Banwave: Have you recently used the homebrew launcher?

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Have you used the homebrew launcher since 11.4 was released? (Early April)

  1. Yes and I was banned.

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  2. No and I was banned.

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  3. Yes and I was not banned.

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  4. No and I was not banned.

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  1. invaderyoyo

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    Mar 17, 2014
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    I've been wondering if there's any correlation between the homebrew launcher and the recent bans.

    I have 5 3DS's and none of them are banned. I made sure by racing online with each of them in Mario Kart 7.

    All of them are on 11.4 with b9s and Luma 7.1. They all have freeshop. They all have some CIA's installed. I have used PKSM to level up my Pokemon on three of them. SpotPass was ENABLED on all of them.

    I have not used the homebrew launcher for a very very long time on any of them, though. I don't use two of them very frequently, but I do use the other three.