Banning, extractions, hacking and homebrew different?, and other topics.

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    Hey guys, I haven't really been on here since Wii homebrewing/hacking.

    My main reason for coming on here: Is to find out how to extract the iso and possibly my save for my Wii U Zelda BotW to play on CEMU. But i don't want to get banned and want to continue playing smash bros online.

    And do I have to hack, risk being banned, etc. if I want to extract the iso?

    Is there any where I can download the iso "legally" (using the word rather loosely)?

    My secondary goal is possibly to finally hack my wii u: How are people playing games off usb/externals on the wii u from games bought used and extracted and returned or downloaded? What about digital downloads?

    Can you get amiibo stuff from saves and/or other ways? Was looking at a save for BotW and they have a lot of amiibo items.

    Are there any save trainers, so if i want to keep my specific progress but just have more rupees, infinite durability, and stamina?

    Also what is the difference between hacking and homebrew?

    I've watched some of this and skimmed through the noob sticky, the ip address blocking threw up a red flag for my smash bros fun lol.

    Please tell me anything else I should know. Thank you.
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    CEMU supports network play?