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bannerbomb3, a new 3DS userland exploit, has been added to Plailect's guide


Yes, you've read the title correctly, but this exploit might not be exactly what you expect! While its name may be a tribute to the good old days of the Wii hacking scene, or in other words, a real blast from the past (get it?), bannerbomb3 doesn't target the same console as the other two: it's instead a new userland exploit for the Nintendo 3DS found and coded by @zoogie.

This hack is a bit different than the standard userland ones you may be familiar with as it doesn't let you run The Homebrew Launcher by itself - in fact, it even stresses it's incompatible with it - but rather its aim is to work in tandem with Fredminer to enhance it. bannerbomb3 takes advantage of an overflow found in the console's System Settings when viewing DSiWare exports' banners to gain code execution and dump the DS Internet Settings app, which can be later used with Fredtool to inject an exploitable version of Flipnote Studio. In a nutshell, it removes the need to own a DSiWare game, making it a completely free CFW method, and runs on any console as long as its DS Internet Settings works (this, however, makes it incompatible with all Chinese 3DSes as they don't have that app built-in).

If you want to try it, you'll be glad to know @Plailect's ever-popular 3DS hacking guide has already been updated with detailed, step-by-step info on how to use it! bannerbomb3 (together with Seedminer and Fredtool) now replaces the old steelminer & Fredtool method as the recommended one for people new to 3DS hacking. However, if the DS Internet Settings app doesn't work on your console, another method using Seedminer, Steelhax, DSiDumper and Fredtool is also available, but it only works for European, Japanese and USA 3DSes while also being somewhat lengthier.

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