Bakumatsu Rock! Rhythm PSP Game

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    Hello all, how u all doing ? So, i recently saw this anime and i really liked it and then i found out that there two games of it for psp and i got all excited, gameplay is really like all others rhythm games, pressing buttons, kinda like guitar hero :P , but, i discovered that the games story has some aspects that didnt show on the anime, and i just loved the story context, voiced characters with a sweet overlays on the text boxes, i really enjoy them, so i come here requesting if someone could translate the whole story (100%) ? Besides in some parts theres given choices and i dont know what i have to choose, i dont know if its hard or not, but the games are recent, im asking for the translation of the first one :)


    Bakumatsu Rock is part rhythm game, part visual novel, all amazing. You play as historical figures from Japan's history reimagined as rockstars. And for some reason, when they sing, their clothes start to fly off. Whoever thought of this idea is a genuis.

    Release Date: March 5, 2014




    I hope someone can give this a look, at least someone who liked the anime like i did :)

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    If I well remember this game was so successful that already has a sequel...

    But, hey... Why didn't you posted this here?
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    You shouldn't request zero-day translations.
    For me, this means anything less than a year old.
    You've got to give official translations a chance.

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    Oh, it's all right actually in this particular case (Doesn't have a Vita port, Gaijinworks and Xseed explicitely confirmed they won't localize it, no other publisher working on PSP games currently - especially not otome games like this one). I'm with you though in the case of its sequel, since that one has a Vita version and could potentially come over.